Natural or artificial turf?

Installing a new lawn at your home is something that will both enhance its natural beauty as well as add value to it. With advancements in technology, a popular debate nowadays is whether you should opt for natural or artificial turf. With many characteristics to consider like turf prices, upkeep levels and appearance, it can […]

Developing good year-round lawn care habits

Ensuring your lawn looks nice year-round is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Putting in the time to care for your lawn will allow you to reap the benefits of having an ambient yard, especially when the warmer months are around and you find yourself frequenting that yard a […]

Everything you should know about Bermuda Grass

  If you’ve ever looked into turf in Sydney, you’ve no doubt come across ‘Bermuda Grass’, and for good reason. Bermuda grass is a popular variety in Australia, particularly for golf courses and sporting fields, but it’s also quite prominent in backyards. If it’s turf prices you’re concerned with, TifTuf Bermuda is also relatively easy […]

How much does Sir Walter turf cost?

If you’re looking to add turf to your garden, it’s hard to look past Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf. This home-grown turf has a hardiness and a character that Australia has come to greatly admire.  However, prices of this type of grass vary all over Sydney, with warranties, services and the quality of turn […]

Who is Lawn Solutions Australia?

If you’ve shopped for turf in Australia before, you’ve probably seen the name. Lawn Solutions Australia – or LSA – can be found attached to many of Australia’s favourite turfs, including Eureka Kikuyu, Nullarbor Couch and the one and only Sir Walter Buffalo. But what sets LSA-certified turf apart? Why choose LSA-certified turf? Buying your […]