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Do I need help to install my new turf?

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You’ve ordered your new grass from your turf supplies retailer, and it’s just been unloaded in your driveway. It’s ready to be laid. But do you need professional help? Do you need a professional to handle the turf installation? Or is it a job that any old schmuck could knock over?

The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. If you’re fit, healthy and patient you can certainly lay the turf rolls yourself. But if you don’t lend yourself to manual labour, don’t have the time or are unsure about getting the job done right, it’s best to utilise the services of a professional.

Laying your own turf

The process of laying turf is a relatively simple one, but can be very time consuming. It can be condensed down into 6 steps:

  • Preparing the soil – You need to clear the soil of plants and debris, weed it, cultivate it, level it and fertilise it.
  • Marking the area – Use wooden stakes and builder’s line to mark the area off.
  • Begin unrolling – Start at the longest edge of the lawn. Stagger the ends of each roll to avoid creating a seam across the lawn. Think of how bricks are staggered. A simple kitchen knife is fine to cut the rolls. Don’t overlap, but butt the edges close together.
  • Fill in the gaps – Use grass offcuts to fill in odd corners and edges. Use topsoil to fill in any remaining gaps and to even out any dips in the lawn.
  • Water it in – Give the lawn a good soak. This will embed it into the topsoil and allow the roots to begin establishing.
  • Keep it wet – Keep the grass moist over the next month by watering it multiple times a day. This may mean up to 3-4 times in dry areas.

Hiring a professional

If you want the job done quickly, easily and professionally, get your turf supplier to lay the turf for you. They’ll come with both the expertise and the tools for the job, so while you’ll still have to do the watering for the weeks afterwards, you can be confident that the lawn will be looking fantastic once established. For those looking for turf laying in Sydney, our team of experts can help you establish your lawn in the best way possible.

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