Your lawn needs water to flourish and perform. But when it comes to the amount of water it needs will depend on weather conditions. A water rule you should always follow is being cautious of any recent or future rainfall.

When it comes to watering new turf, this should be done frequently. The grass should receive 25mm water daily. When the turf has rooted into the soil (usually 10 – 14 days) the lawn should then only receive 25mm of water per week.

Once established your lawn will still need to be watered.

To maintain healthy growth and presence, your lawn should continue being watered even after it has established. This is incredibly important during the hotter seasons. Furthermore, you should always water your lawn immediately after fertilising to reduce the chance of burning the grass.

How often should I water?

When it comes to how often you water your lawn, you will need to consider the turf variety and weather.

Indications your lawn needs water is if you find your grass is slightly wilting or footprinting (when the grass doesn’t rebound after it is walked on).

We recommend you apply infrequent deep watering as this will help the grass develop more reliable root systems that can get water from larger volumes of soil compared to shallow roots associated with frequent light watering.

How much water should I use?

The amount of water your turf needs will depend on the soil type and the wetness of the soil. The preferable method is to wet the soil to a depth of 150mm thoroughly. After watering, sink a shovel into the ground and spread the hole so you can see how far the water has penetrated.

How long should I leave my sprinklers on?

The best way is to put out some catch cups (available from hardware and irrigation suppliers) on the area you are watering.

Test how long you should leave the sprinklers on by putting the system on for a set time and measuring how many millimetres are collected. Calculate and compare how long the sprinklers need to be left on to achieve the amount of water your grass needs. Change the timers accordingly.

What time of day is the best to water?

It is recommended you water your lawn early in the morning between the hours of 4 am to 8 am. This decreases the chance of water lost to evaporation due to lower temperatures and less sunlight during this time.

Watering in the evening should be avoided because if the lawn goes into the night time wet, it will remain wet for extended periods of time. This may favour the growth and development of certain turf diseases.

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