AusGap Certified At Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality turf possible. But you needn’t take our word for it; Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies are proudly accredited by AusGAP, the Australian turf accreditation program.

AusGAP was created to allow Australia’s leading turf growers and producers to provide their customers with independent proof that their products are of the highest quality. AusGAP accreditation shows that their products adhere to an incredibly stringent set of standards, which aim to ensure that the turf is of the highest quality. AusGAP checks for genetic purity, giving the customer confidence that they’re getting what they pay for. It also covers the entire sales process, from production to delivery.

The AusGAP accreditation was formed around the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP), a quality assurance program used predominantly in the US, but also in many other parts of the world. The knowledge and methods that have been obtained over the years through the ITGAP program have been incorporated into AusGAP, making it one of the pre-eminent turf quality programs in the world.

The turf producer is responsible for ensuring that their turf is genetically pure, and meets the demands of the AusGAP certification, whether it’s sold in a commercial, wholesale or retail capacity. The minimum standards relating to the growth, production, sales and delivery of the turf are similarly stringent.
In order for a turf to achieve an AusGAP accreditation, it not only needs to be genetically pure, but it also needs to pass a pre-harvest test. This test requires the turf to be visually free of weeds, disease and pest damage, and be free of any other varieties of grass. If a grower complies with all of the AusGAP standards, they’re awarded a 12-monthly renewable certification.

At Sydney Lawn & Turf Supplies we’re proud to say that we are fully AusGAP accredited, ensuring that you’ll be getting the best quality Australian turf money can buy.



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