TifTuf Bermuda Grass

TifTuf Bermuda is the single variety of Bermuda grass that was picked out of roughly 30,000 other breeds of Bermuda grass! This kind of hybrid Bermuda grass is the result of almost 25 years of extensive research and development from the University of Georgia, one of the world’s authorities of turf research and development. It is known for having a beautiful, fine-bladed leaf with an incredible hardiness. It is capable of maintaining its stunning dark green complexion all year round despite its very little maintenance requirements. With benefits such as these, it’s easy to see why TifTuf Bermuda beat all the competition to be chosen as the ideal strain of Bermuda grass.

The University of Georgia adamant that all the amazing characteristics that TifTuf Bermuda would only be able to continue if the variety remains entirely pure. Their solution to this, was to breed all of the foundation grass from a single plant at the University of Georgia. This means that when you purchase TifTuf Bermuda, you know that you’re getting the genetically pure, beautiful yet resilient grass that you have always wanted.

TifTuf Bermuda grass is characterised by a beautiful, soft leaf which quickly and thoroughly blankets the ground due to its dense growth patterns. As well as its dense growth and its leaf, TifTuf Bermuda is also known for being one of the most tolerant grasses on the market. It is drought resistant with impressive cold tolerance and high tolerances for shade, the weather, pests and diseases making it one of the most versatile and strong choices of turf available. This hybrid Bermuda is a solid choice for high traffic areas because it is resilient and tough. In the event of damage, TifTuf Bermuda does a remarkable job of repairing itself which means that overall, it requires very little maintenance, especially when compared to other turf varieties. These characteristics mean that TifTuf Bermuda has become a welcome favourite for both residential and commercial projects, such as parks, stadiums, sports fields, golf courses and plenty of home lawns.

Like so many of our grasses, TifTuf Bermuda grass is also backed by Lawn Solutions Australia, the nation’s leading authority in turf research and development.  Their approval means that you can rely on us to provide genuine and genetically pure TifTuf Bermuda grass for all your lawn needs. This also means that all purchases of our TifTuf Bermuda grass, no matter how big or how small are backed by Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-Year Warranty.

With TifTuf Bermuda, you know that you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. The beautiful look of the dark green, lush leaf as well as the hardiness, resilience and consistency that only the best variety of Bermuda grass could provide. Across the nation and abroad, people working on residential and commercial projects have benefited from the brilliant characteristics that TifTuf Bermuda grass has. At Sydney Lawn & Turf, we’re proud to be able to grow and distribute this high-quality, scientifically-developed Bermuda grass. If you’re interested in giving your next project the best grass on offer or you’d like to know more about how TifTuf Bermuda can be a part of your lawn solution, give us a call or place an order online today.

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  • TifTuf was chosen from 30,000 other turf varieties!
  • TifTuf requires less water than other turf varients!
  • TifTuf boasts strong self-repairing qualities.
  • TifTuf has an extremely soft texture!
  • TifTuf is backed by almost 25 years of research!
  • TifTuf has excellent shade and weather tolerance.



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TifTuf Bermuda Grass
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