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AUD$25.00 Including GST per m2

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Australia's most resilient turf variety: Sir Grange

If you want a beautiful, yet hardy, low-maintenance grass for your next project, then Sir Grange is the lawn for you. Many years of research have been put into making this turf. Sir Grange was developed to withstand the harsh Australian weather whilst maintaining a beautiful, soft leaf to give you one of the prettiest looking lawns on the market.

Sir Grange is the successful result of years within an extensive research and development program run by Lawn Solutions Australia, the leading authority of grass research. As a result, Sir Grange requires very little maintenance with a low mow factor and high wear and tear tolerance.

This turf variety is perfect for all kinds of Australian lawns with 75% shade tolerance and the capacity to withstand high drought conditions. It is also highly tolerant of salt, making it the perfect turf for pool areas! If you want to ensure that your lawn can withstand anything our climate throws at it, Sir Grange is the choice for you.

At Sydney Lawn & Turf, we’re proud of the premium quality Sir Grange turf that we grow, as well as the partnership that we have with Lawn Solutions Australia. That’s why our Sir Grange comes with LSA’s 10-year warranty. If you want a turf that’s beautiful yet hardy, order Sir Grange grass from Sydney Lawn & Turf today.

The Features of Sir Grange Turf

Wondering what makes Sir Grange Turf such a popular turf variety? Here are its top features!

  • Hand selected from over 10,000 different cultivars
  • Successfully passed strict international search & development breeding process
  • Requires 75% less nitrogen than other common turf varieties
  • Requires up to 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties
  • High shade tolerance (needs only 4 hours of direct sunlight/day)
  • Survives through sub-freezing temperatures
  • Successfully grown and sold in over 10 different countries
  • 10-year product warranty comes included
  • #1 selling zoysia or grass in the USA
  • Fine leaf blade
  • Dark green in colour
  • Weed & insect resistant
  • Minimal damage when scalped
  • Suitable for full sun areas
  • High wear tolerance
  • High drought tolerance
  • Wide range of mowing height options
  • Self-repairing

Sir Grange Turf Price

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AUD$25.00 Including GST per m2

How Sir Grange Turf compares to other varieties

Use the following chart to see how Sir Grange Turf compares to other turf varieties.

Leaf Blade
Fine Leaf
AUD$25.00 Including GST per m2
Shade tolerance
Wear tolerance
Low maintenance
Drought tolerance
Heat tolerance
Weed resistance
Pest resistance
Low fertilisation
Overall performance
Overall appearance
Overall texture
Broad Leaf
AUD$12.00 Including GST per m2
Fine Leaf
AUD$12.00 Including GST per m2
Medium Leaf
AUD$6.00 Including GST per m2
Fine Leaf
AUD$6.60 Including GST per m2

Frequently asked questions about Sir Grange Turf

Do you have questions? We have gathered the most common questions we get about Sir Grange Turf and answered them for you!

  • What is this turf ideal for?

    Originally developed for the golf industry by turf grass research facilities, Sir Grange was initially made for golf courses. Therefore, it is perfect for both residential and commercial properties as well as sporting grounds.

  • What qualities does this turf have?

    The Sir Grange zoysia turf is a remarkable hybrid grass with superior qualities that make it tolerable to the extreme Australian climate. Qualities include drought resistant, shade tolerant and weed and insect resistant.

  • How do I care for this grass?

    When caring for your Sir Grange grass, it has less nutrient and water requirements, needing to be watered less but deeper. We recommend fertilising in spring to get the most out of it and mowing it regularly in summer and not as often in winter.

  • What are the properties of this turf?

    Made of a beautiful dark green leaf, this turf has as many aesthetically pleasing qualities as it does traits. It is a manicured and vibrant green grass, an appealing turf for those who carefully maintain their gardens.

  • How much sun does it require?

    The most shade tolerant of the zoysia range, Sir Grange will only need three hours of direct sunlight a day, surviving in the shadiest of areas.

  • Will this turf survive with little sun exposure?

    Certainly! If you have a property that experiences minimal hours of direct sunlight, then Sir Grange is the ideal grass for you! The most shade tolerant out of the Zoysia range at 75%, this grass variety will need only four hours of direct sun a day to thrive beautifully.

  • How often should I water this grass?

    With Sir Grange being a high drought-tolerant variety, you will find this turf will need less watering compared to other turf varieties. To keep you grass bright and vibrant, we recommend deeply watering your grass once or twice a week during the hotter months with up to no watering during the colder season.

  • How will this turf survive in a drought?

    You will be relieved to know that Sir Grange has a high drought-tolerance. This makes it the ultimate turf for Australian lawns as it can survive in the hot and frequent drought seasons, surviving on minimal water.

  • Does this turf come with a warranty?

    At Sydney Lawn & Turf, we strive to deliver all our customers with high-quality turf that will leave them satisfied. That is why our turf varieties, including Sir Grange, come with a ten-year warranty from Lawn Solutions Australia.

  • When can I get my Sir Grange?

    About to purchase brand new Sir Grange turf for your property? You will be relieved to know that we can help get your turf to you as quick as possible. If you make an order by 10am, we can guarantee delivery of your turf the next day.
    If you would like to pick up your turf instead, you can come pick up your turf on the day within business hours. Just give us a call and we can recommend what size vehicle you will need!

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