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Water Wise Guidelines for Sydney lawns

Water Wise Guidelines for Sydney lawns

Due to increased rainfall over the past year, drought restrictions have eased back in Sydney. 

Following the previous water regulations, Water Wise Guidelines have since been introduced by the NSW Government, effective from December 1, 2020.

With these new guidelines, fresh drinking water usage is now more relaxed. While there are some limitations, it is overall more flexible and allows simplified use.

To learn more about how these new guidelines will impact your lawn or recently bought turf, keep reading to see how you can maintain a lively lawn.

What you can do with your lawn

The good news is that with the Water Wise Guidelines, it is easier to maintain your established lawn! 

Although strict restrictions are no longer enforced, the new guidelines will help us maintain the region’s water supply while benefitting from the relaxed allowance. With these new regulations, you can once again rely on other watering methods that had been recently ruled out. 

While you do need to continue watering your lawn before 10 am and after 4 pm, you can now use the following list of alternative options:

  • Standard watering systems 
  • Sprinklers
  • Watering cans
  • Drip irrigation systems or smart water systems
  • Hand-held hoses with a trigger nozzle

There is currently no limit on how long you can water your grass, allowing longer deep watering.

What you can do with your lawn

Water Wise Guidelines and your new lawn

The new guidelines make it more appealing than ever to get a new lawn! 

Not only are the general water rules relaxed, but with the Water Wise Guideline, newly laid turf can be watered at any time for up to 28 days from the initial installation (based on the turf suppliers’ recommendations).

This is perfect for those looking to order a new lawn! With the relaxed limitations, it’s simpler to ensure your new lawn gets the required amount of water it needs to grow healthily.

After the 28 days, the standard water rules apply.

Why you should lay turf now

If you have recently thought about arranging a new lawn, now is the best chance to get one sorted. The Water Wise Guidelines make it easier to ensure your turf gets an ample amount of water. 

These guidelines make watering your grass more flexible, allowing other methods and a looser limit on the water amount used. This will not only help the establishment process, but it will also make it easier to maintain the general health of your lawn in longevity, thanks to the stable water supply.

If you were ever going to buy turf, now is your chance! Don’t wait for next spring when another drought can occur, jump onto it now and get it sorted while the warmth and current water guideline is still around.

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