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Buffalo vs Kikuyu turf

Buffalo vs Kikuyu turf

When it comes to the typical Australian lawn, buffalo and Kikuyu are two of the most prominent turf varieties often used on properties across the country.

Both grass types have their respective popular followings and offer varying features and characteristics. These attracting traits can make it hard to decide which one is best for your lawn and lifestyle.

As one of the leading turf specialists in Sydney, we want to help you make the right decision based on your requirements.

To discover if Kikuyu or buffalo is better for your home, keep reading below to find your ideal lawn solution.

Colour and appearance: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

Two different varieties, buffalo and Kikuyu offer two different selections when it comes to the overall appearance. With one offering a light hue and the other boasting dark green colouring, these two varieties are on different sides of the spectrum.

Showcasing a light green colour, Eureka Kikuyu offers the perfect sun-kissed looked due to its lighter colouring.

Unlike other grass types, including the buffalo, this turf variety has unmatched colour retention, allowing it to maintain its beautiful green shade throughout the year. This retention period includes during dormancy.

On the other hand, Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified turf possesses a deep green colouring that offers a vibrant appearance. Although it doesn’t have the colour retention of the Kikuyu grass, this buffalo turf looks incredibly luscious, thanks to its pleasing texture.

On top of this, buffalo has a tolerance unlike any other. Surviving heat and frost, it maintains a compelling appearance for the majority of the year.

When it comes down to it, either turf variety has a lot to offer in this department. Ultimately, it is up to the buyer’s preference whether they prefer lighter or darker grass.

Colour and appearance: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

Durability: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

In regards to the turf’s wear and tear, both of these varieties are on par with one another.

Eureka Kikuyu is resistant to heavy traffic – thanks to its medium-coarse leaf. It is often resistant to the typical wear children and pets bring upon it.

Kikuyu is a stable backyard turf that is constant and reliable in its strength. From backyard footy games to daily run-around, this turf variety is not one to bow down when it comes to durability. On top of this, it is known for being resilient in cases of damage.

As strong as Kikuyu is, Sir Walter buffalo grass is not any weaker than its competitor. Sharing the self-repairing trait, buffalo is easy to bounce back once it is damaged, making it suited for the family home.

Although it has a soft leaf, Sir Walter should not be undermined as it is strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic from kids and pets. Despite its gentle texture, the leaf size is thicker than the Kikuyu is, making it robust.

To round it up, if it is durability you are after, you can’t go wrong with either variety!

Heat and drought tolerance: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

Let’s face it; in Australia, the biggest killer to our grass is the hot weather we often experience that isn’t limited to just the season of summer. That is why turf’s heat and drought tolerance is a vital characteristic that needs to be considered when deciding on a grass type.

As mentioned earlier, Eureka Kikuyu can retain its colour all year round. Part of this is possible thanks to the fair drought tolerance of the variety. This means while it still needs water, Kikuyu grass can generally survive through droughts with little water.

Carrying a more substantial tolerance for drought, Sir Walter buffalo turf is known as the quintessential Australian turf for a reason. Bred to survive all climates our nation goes through, this turf variety has a good heat tolerance and will manage to survive, even throughout the hot, dry season.

When it comes to surviving the heat summer brings, buffalo is your better choice.

Heat and drought tolerance: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

Performance: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

Coming in with a three-star performance rating, Kikuyu isn’t the best if you want a high performing lawn. With an average low maintenance ranking, this variety is recommended if you have enough time to monitor your turf.

In summary, although it comes with admirable traits, you’ll be looking after your Eureka Kikuyu grass a fair amount to get it at its peak.

If it is an optimal performance you are searching for, Sir Walter buffalo grass is your prime choice. On top of its fair heat and drought tolerance, this variety has an outstanding low maintenance ranking.

This means compared to the other turf varieties on the market, including Kikuyu, you will spend less time outside working on your lawn if you opt for buffalo grass.

Sir Walter buffalo turf has self-repairing characteristics and will take care of itself if damaged. And as mentioned earlier, can live off little water.

To further add to this variety, it has full strength weed and pest resistance. Because of its tight growth habit, there is very little you need to worry about regarding weeds coming through and ruining your buffalo lawn. This will save you time and stress!

Summary: Buffalo vs Kikuyu

In summary, if you were to pick out of the two turf varieties, Sir Walter Buffalo turf would be your best option.

This grass type boasts a better rating for shade tolerance, maintenance, drought and heat tolerance, weed and pest resistance, and overall performance. Its appearance and texture is another plus, and coming even in only wear tolerance, this variety is superior.

If you were looking for the most cost-effective solution, then Kikuyu is still a valid selection. While it does not offer the same high standards as its buffalo competitor, it still provides a decent lawn at a great price.

Ready to buy your turf? Whether you desire the superior Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo turf or opting for the more cost-friendly Eureka Kikuyu, visit Sydney Lawn and Turf for all of your turf supply needs.

Offering fresh quality turf, you can trust our team to provide you with a vibrant new lawn. On top of this, we also offer contactless delivery to give you a convenient service with peace of mind.

To find out more about our services, visit our website or give our friendly staff a call on 1800 458 859.

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