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3 tips to help you get the best home lawn solution

Most people are unaware that there are different types of turf to choose from when deciding on a lawn solution for their backyard. Grass varieties have many different features which means that some will flourish in some areas and others will not. Here are three great tips to help you decide on what lawn solution best suits your home.

Best Lawn Solution


The most important factor to consider when choosing a turf variety is how this turf will be used. Will it be used for sports? Will it be home to the family dog? Will it not be used at all? These considerations directly impact the type of lawn solutions for your space. Some tuft requires significant maintenance like fertilising or spraying pesticides, which wouldn’t be ideal if you want something you can lay and forget about. Dogs and kids also have different requirements for turf that should be taken into account. Soft grass free from prickles would be ideal for the kids, like Platinum Zoysia which has soft blades. Grass that doesn’t require chemical based treatments would be essential for keeping the family dog content so consider Eureka Kikuyu which is pet resistant.


Temperature and Light

Grass is a living thing and needs sunlight and water to flourish and thrive. A shady area that is sheltered from the rain will require a more drought resistant lawn solution. As opposed to grass that is exposed to high temperatures, strong sunlight, frost and other weather extremes. The area you wish to cover with turf needs to be considered before choosing a type of turf. Sir Walter DNA Certified turf has been genetically designed to withstand the extremes of Australia’s weather and is a good all-rounder when it comes to spaces that have extreme growing conditions.



The size of your space can be a big factor in choosing your next lawn. Small areas are ideal for turf like Nullarbor Couch as it provides exceptional cover density. However, larger spaces would be ideal for turf like Zoysia or Sir Walter as they are self-repairing and require little maintenance.


It is important to consider these three factors when deciding on your lawn solution. The team at Sydney Lawn and Turf are specialists who can help you choose the best turf for your space that will keep you, your kids and the family dog happy. To speak to one of our team call 1800 458 859.

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