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Why Sir Walter DNA Certified is the best choice for your lawn

Sir Walter turf has been Australia’s most popular lawn since it was introduced in 1997. Sir Walter has undergone rigorous DNA testing to ensure that suppliers are selling only the highest quality Australian made turf that meets the high standards of growers. With this in mind here are three more reasons that Sir Walter DNA Certified is the best choice for your lawn.

why sir walter dna certified

Low Maintenance

Sir Walter turf has been designed to be drought and frost resistant. It is able to grow in any conditions. The turf is also resistant to fungus and disease that often leaves backyards patchy and bare. Sir Walter also repels weeds like Bindies and Cudweed. These factors contribute to the low maintenance rating. No longer will weekends be spent weeding, fertilising and mowing, they will be spent enjoying the lush soft grass.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are environmentally conscious or just want to do your bit for the environment Sir Walter is the only choice. Sir Walter is more environmental, as it needs less water, weed spray and fertilisers. Some fertilisers and sprays contain harmful chemicals so you can be sure that your turf and the earth is free from toxins and chemicals by buying Sir Walter.

National Warranty

Sir Walter DNA Certified is the only buffalo grass backed by a national warranty. Every turf purchase will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to guarantee you are receiving genuine Sir Walter. The certificate means you are covered by a nationwide 10-year product warranty, which highlights the confidence growers’ have in this product. This warranty ensures that your Sir Walter will last 10 years and more, giving you all the peace of mind you need.

Over 50 million square metres of Sir Walter DNA Certified turf has been sold throughout Australia and it has been Australia’s top choice for over 15 years. On top of that, growers offer the Certificate of Authenticity because they know that the DNA Certified turf will be top quality for its entire lifespan. Choosing Sir Walter will ensure your grass will be healthy and low maintenance all year round; it is an easy choice to make.

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