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Keep your backyard low maintenance with Sir Walter DNA Certified turf

Sir Walter DNA CertifiedSir Walter DNA Certified turf has been developed with the Australian climate in mind. The outcome is an extremely low maintenance grass that is durable, soft and free from pests and weeds. On top of this it is the only turf in Australia that comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure you are happy with your purchase. There are many buffalo grasses available in Australia, but only one that has been put through a rigorous DNA testing process to ensure it meets the high standards of growers and buyers. These tests ensure the presence of the great qualities that make the turf so low maintenance. Here are some of the reasons Sir Walter is classified as low care grass:


It is durable

The turf has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, like frost, full sun, record hot spells and drought. This is because the grass grows deeper than average roots that seek out subsoil moisture. Another genetic benefit only present in the Sir Walter is the ability of the grass blades to cool themselves down roughly 10 degrees. Sir Walter is the only grass that is able to regulate heat from the sun. These benefits mean the grass is durable and will not need patching or extra special attention throughout the changing seasons.


It is weed and grub resistant

The tight growing pattern of the grass and its roots means that it is hard for weeds, like bindii and prickles, to take root. This also means that grub infestations are highly unlikely as the grubs would not get enough sunlight to reproduce. With Sir Walter you won’t need to spend hours spraying pesticides and worrying about brown patches or weeds in your grass. You can sleep easy knowing that the grass will resist all the bad so you can enjoy all the good.


It is self-repairing

Sir Walter also has the ability to easily repair itself which will reduce the presence of brown tips or bare patches. The turf only requires mowing every 3-5 weeks, depending on the season.


If you buy your certified Sir Walter for an authorised Lawn Solutions Australia member you can avail yourself of the national ten-year warranty. Here at Sydney Lawn and Turf we meet the strict national standards and are subject to annual reviews and audits. So get in touch on 1800 458 859 if you would like to discuss your turf needs or would like our advice on installation.

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