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Why you should choose real lawn over fake

Artificial turf has exploded over the last decade or two, as homeowners increasingly opt to fit out their front or backyards with fake grass. But while the upkeep of artificial turf is minimal, and indeed is its major selling point, there are many reasons why a real lawn represents a fantastic option against a plastic one.

Here are just a few reasons to go au natural.

Why You Should Choose Real Lawn Over Fake

The look

While artificial turf may look bright and beautiful from a distance, on closer inspection it is always obvious that the grass is fake. Nothing quite competes with the look of a well-maintained patch of real turf, such as that produced by Lawn Solutions Australia. Artificial turf will also slowly degrade over time, with the only solution being to replace it, while real turf can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

The feel

The plastic blades and minimal sponginess of artificial turf make it more a ‘look but don’t touch’ option. If you want to enjoy the grass between your toes, or have kids that need to hit cricket stumps into the ground, then a real patch of turf is unbeatable.

The environmental impact

A standard-sized patch of well-maintained backyard turf generates more oxygen than the world’s largest tree. It is one of the most efficient carbon dioxide eating plants on the planet. Artificial turf, on the other hand, does nothing for the earth. In fact, because it is made out of petroleum-based plastics, it’s actually harming the planet.

The heat dissipation

In the heat of summer artificial turf can be up to 40C hotter than real lawn. Grass is a fantastic heat dissipater, while plastic locks the heat in and radiates it, increasing the heat on your property markedly.

The joy

Finally, there’s just a feeling of satisfaction, even of joy, when you look over your perfectly maintained patch of lawn. It’s a point of pride, and offers homeowners a sense of gratification that can be hard to otherwise find.

There are many other reasons why real turf represents a wise choice for backyard gardeners, but in these 5 you have more than enough to show why your yard deserves something legitimate.

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