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Lawn Solutions Australia is raising the standards of turf quality

Lawn Solutions Australia is the accreditation system that the turf growing industry uses to uphold certain standards. You may wonder how an accreditation system can raise the standards of turf quality, but the unique criteria and all-encompassing reviews are key to enhancing the quality of turf.

Lawn Solutions Australia is raising the standards of turf quality

General Requirements

Part of the accreditation system required to become a member of Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) is meeting their standards of growing turf. These standards are:

  1. Ensuring the growing paddock is free from weeds, pests and disease.
  2. The planting stock is DNA Certified and genetically assured.
  3. The turf is certified by a qualified inspector prior to the harvest and sale.

These requirements contribute to the high quality of turf produced by members and the raising of general turf quality across the board.

Genetic Assured Purity Testing

This additional level of testing by LSA aims to ensure that buyers are receiving only genetically tested DNA certified turf. The DNA certification aims to keep out any mutations or illness from the turf. This means buyers are only receiving turf that is the best condition, free from pests and disease.

AusGap Certification

Additionally to the Genetic Assured Purity Testing, LSA members must pass the AusGap Certification. This certification has even more rigorous DNA testing including the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP). This is the leading international certification for turf growers. AusGap also tests the growers on many other factors like sales advice, installations, after-care and professionalism.

10 Year Warranty

LSA offers a 10-year warranty on any turf purchased through one of their members. The warranty ensures that the turf has met the high genetic standards required by the organisation. The 10-year warranty also ensures that the turf will perform to its maximum potential and remain free from weeds and disease.

These four important aspects of the LSA membership criteria are helping to raise the standards of turf quality throughout Australia. As more turf growers strive to become LSA members the better the turf industry will be. If you need advice on any turf matters, please contact one of our team on 1800 458 859.

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