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Tips for taking care of your lawn this summer

The height of summer is nearly upon us. Our deckchairs are being dusted and the swimwear is coming out of the wardrobe. In your bare feet, you step out onto your Sir Walter buffalo lawn and… how’s it looking?


If you’re looking to enjoy your great outdoors, with a lush and green backyard, then it’s the perfect time to give your lawn a bit of love and attention. Here are some quick tips on how to get your lawn into top shape for the great Aussie summer.


Early summer is the best time to fertilise your lawn. The sun rays helpfully break down the nutrients and absorb better into the root system. Slow release fertilisers work best and don’t run the risk of harming the environment. But avoid doing this on very hot days, as this can burn the lawns.


Our Australian summers are quite harsh and dry, so you don’t need to mow your lawn too short. Longer blades of grass are better for managing evaporation and protecting the soil underneath. Leaving about 4 centimetres is a good shave.


Check to see if your lawnmower blades need replacing. Blunt blades tear at the grass stalks, rather than cut them.


The aim of the game is to create a deep root system for your grass. An hour of watering each week is all you need for your lawn, even in the depth of summer. This encourages the tolerance and toughness of the root systems. There’s no need to overwater.


Certain weeds are known to invade during the summer months. Unless your root systems and coverage are already sturdy enough to repel these nasties, you’ll either need to dig these out or spray chemicals to tackle the invasion. Best to get a licensed or trained professional for any treatments activities.

Manage Pests

Buffalo lawns are less likely to be affected by army worms or web worms. You’ll notice the leaves appearing to have been chewed. Chemical treatment is most effective in the late afternoons and evenings, when these nocturnal caterpillars and worms are most active.

So there you have it. This summer is going to be great, and it can be even better, when you have a brilliant, lush and green lawn to wake up to in the morning.

Looking to lay a new lawn or for more handy tips on how to get your backyard into shape? Give one us a call now, on 1800 458 859 and we’d be more than happy to help.

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