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How to stop your kikuyu grass spreading into other areas

Kikuyu Grass is a beautiful lush grass that works well in high traffic areas. It is strong and drought resistant making it the perfect grass for Australian backyards. However, some poor quality kikuyu turfs have the tendency to spread into unwanted areas. In order to keep your grass where it lays and stop it spreading itself into the veggie patch or into your neighbour’s backyard make sure you purchase a male sterile kikuyu turf.


What exactly is male sterile kikuyu turf?


A male sterile kikuyu is a non-seeding variety of kikuyu. The male sterile variety is incapable of producing functional anthers and pollen, meaning it cannot produce grass seeds. By not producing seeds there is no chance that the grass will spread to other areas.


How do I know if my Kikuyu is male and sterile?

By purchasing your turf from a reputable lawn service business that is a member or Lawn Solutions Australia you can be confident that your kikuyu is male and sterile. If you want to find out what your pre-existing turf is, take a sample to your local turf supplier and they should be able to conclude what variety of kikuyu you have.


Other ways to prevent grass spreading.

In the right conditions grass can spread rapidly. Keeping your mower blades clean is one way to stop the spread of grass. If you often mow different grass varieties with the same mower be wary of the leftover grass residue, as they can bring seeds into your lawn. Keeping grass trimmings contained is another great way to stop the spread of grass. Leaving the trimmings on the lawn can cause the blades to blow into other areas. A partial stem is all it takes for grass to spread. In terms of Kikuyu, it has the ability to grow 2.5 centimetres a day.


Kikuyu is a beautiful and functional grass that is a fantastic option for backyards, golf courses and other high traffic areas. Knowing your grass and how it spreads is one way to keep your turf contained. Being mindful of offcuts and trimmings during flowering and growth seasons will also be beneficial in stopping the spread. If you want more information on Kikuyu lawns get in touch with our expert staff on 1800 458 859.

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