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5 benefits that come with a well maintained patch of Sir Walter

There are some blindingly obvious benefits of fitting your yard with Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo turf. It’s a beautiful grass, and it offers the perfect playing surface for kids and adults alike. But aside from the expected benefits relating to aesthetics and enjoyment, what does a well-maintained patch of Sir Walter offer its owner?

Sir Walter

Increases the value of your property

Aesthetics are one thing, but cash in hand thanks to those aesthetics is entirely another. A pristine lawn can do wonders for your property’s value, with some reports suggesting that a well-kempt lawn can add up to 14% to a home’s value, and speed up the sale by up to a month and a half.

Less expensive to maintain than repair

Just like your doctor has always said, prevention is far better than cure. By putting a consistent lawn care routine in place, you’ll nip issues like weeds, disease and pests in the bud before they can do too much damage to your turf. If you allow these problems to fester you may need to invest big bucks in repairing or replacing your turf.

Reduces soil erosion

A thick lawn ensures that your yard’s topsoil isn’t eroded away. Exposed soil can be blown away by wind or washed away by rain, but if your lawn is well maintained it will cover the topsoil in a dense mat, holding it in.

Improves air quality

Plants are the lungs of the planet, so by having a thriving lawn in your front or backyard you’ll have the CO2 in the immediate vicinity gobbled up during the photosynthesis process. Good lawn maintenance will fill your lungs with wonderfully oxygenated air.

Reduces noise

Pavers, concrete and other hard surfaces serve to bounce sounds from your neighbourhood right in through your front windows. By buffering the space with a lawn, however, those sounds will be soaked up by the soft grass. If you live close to an airport, a highway or a music venue, you can tell a real difference in noise levels between a grassed and a grassless yard.

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