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Why you should insist on Sir Walter DNA certified turf

There is only one turf in Australia that comes with a 10-year warranty and that is Sir Walter DNA Certified grass. This grass was created in Australia for our diverse climate and it success shows with over 60 million metres sold. There are many of different Buffalo turf varieties available in Australia but only one that is DNA tested to meet the high standards of growers.

Sir Walter DNA Certified turf

Most Durable Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified grass was designed to survive extreme heat, frost, full sun and shade. The grass can also withstand Australia’s lengthy times of drought. It does this by growing roots deep into the soil where they can seek out moisture. The blades can also regulate heat from the sun and cool themselves down roughly 10 degrees. These genetic benefits have been created over the years and cannot be found in other grasses. If you want green grass all year round, even during the scorching summers and freezing winters insist on DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf.

Safe for bare feet

The soft buffalo grass blades also mean bare feet are safe from bindies and prickles. No longer do you have to carefully step through the grass or spend hours picking grass needles out of toes. With certified Sir Walter you can be confident that weekends will be spent kicking the footy not removing lawn weeds from your turf.

 Low maintenance

The buffalo grass is the lowest maintenance grass on the market. The tightly formed root patches mean that weeds and grub infestations are highly unlikely to take root. The grass also has a high ability to repair itself, reducing bare patches and brown tips. Buffalo grass only needs to be mown every 2-5 weeks, depending on the season.

 Sir Walter DNA Certified grass comes with a national ten-year warranty if bought from a Lawn Solutions Australia member. Growers like us have to meet strict national growing standards and are subject to annual reviews and audits. This ensures that the turf quality remains high and customers remain happy.

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