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Why buying DNA certified Sir Walter is a must

Why buying DNA certified Sir walter is a must

Sir Walter. It’s a name that almost every home owning Australian will be familiar with. Sir Walter Buffalo has been Australia’s favourite turf for many years now, and the affection that Australians show for the grass appears to be only growing.

It’s of little surprise then that some of the more unscrupulous turf suppliers around our nation have taken to putting the Sir Walter brand on any and every grass that half resembles Sir Walter. With damage to Sir Walter’s reputation beginning to mount, in 2015 the creators of the turf – Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) – began a campaign to separate the true Sir Walter from the pretenders.

LSA introduced a set of tests that could identify if any particular patch of Sir Walter was genetically identical to the original. They then went around to their registered dealers and tested their turfs, branding the grasses that passed with ‘Sir Walter DNA Certified’.

So what are the benefits of choosing Sir Walter labelled with such a brand?

You know what you’re getting

Sir Walter that carries the DNA certification is guaranteed to perform just as LSA and your local turf supplier says it will. This allows you to care for the grass as it needs to be cared for, and will ensure that your turf stays healthy and beautiful well into the future.

Guaranteed quality

The Sir Walter brand has been built on the fact that the grass is one of the hardiest, easiest to manage and best looking turfs available. While non-certified turfs will likely have an added grass that compromises those features, DNA certified Sir Walter comes with a quality guarantee.

A 10 year warranty

And what does this quality guarantee look like? Well, it takes the form of a warranty of no less than a decade. That’s right – Lawn Solutions Australia is so confident of its pure, DNA certified Sir Walter that it backs it with an unmatched warranty of 10 years, giving home owners peace of mind that their lawn will be able to be enjoyed for not just years, but generations to come.


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