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Who is Lawn Solutions Australia?

Who is Lawn Solutions Australia

If you’ve shopped for turf in Australia before, you’ve probably seen the name. Lawn Solutions Australia – or LSA – can be found attached to many of Australia’s favourite turfs, including Eureka Kikuyu, Nullarbor Couch and the one and only Sir Walter Buffalo. But what sets LSA-certified turf apart?

Why choose LSA-certified turf?

Buying your turf from an LSA member brings with it a guarantee of quality. LSA-accredited turf suppliers will sell Sir Walter Buffalo that has been DNA certified by LSA themselves, ensuring you get the exact product that you want. This also means that you’ll enjoy the benefit of LSA’s 10-year warranty, further guaranteeing your purchase.

Lawn Solutions Australia has built a reputation on developing the finest grasses for Aussie conditions. This is perhaps best embodied by Australia’s most popular turf – Sir Walter Buffalo.

How will you know if a supplier is an LSA member?

All Lawn Solutions Australia members will proudly display their LSA affiliation on their website. And when you arrive on-site to choose your turf, look for the ‘Original Breeder Guaranteed’ gold tick – a sign that the turf supplier has been accredited and checked by the network.

The Lawn Solutions Australia story

With an aim of providing the finest turf quality while offering the best turf prices, Lawn Solutions Australia is the country’s largest network of turf specialists. LSA are industry leaders in research and development, having gained a reputation for breeding turfs that have an unmatched ability to meet the demands of Australia’s often extreme climate. The LSA research and development program includes over 30,000 cultivars of turf which are constantly evaluated with the aim of finding ever more tough, beautiful and easy to maintain grasses for the Australian market.

LSA is represented by its network of accredited turf suppliers – experts who ensure that LSA branded turfs continue to meet the standards that they have been known for over the decades.

At Sydney Lawn and Turf, we are a proud Lawn Solutions Australia member. So if you’re looking for the country’s best turf at the best price, contact our friendly team today on 1800 458 859!


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