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What should new turf look like?

What should new turf look like?

Have you recently purchased and laid your new lawn? You may have doubts about your turf’s performance.

As a proud homeowner, it is normal to worry about the health and establishment of your new grass.

If you are concerned about the look of your new turf, let Sydney’s turf specialists help provide you with peace of mind.

Having provided quality turf supplies to countless customers across Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast for many years now, we know exactly what your new turf should look like.

To see if your fresh turf is performing as expected, keep reading below.

Your instant lawn rolls should merge into one

Within the first few weeks, you should be able to notice the lawn rolls slowly merge into one. Although it is normal for the individual rolls to be identified separately at first, over time, a healthy new lawn should grow as one unit.

After a few weeks, your lawn will take establishment and the joints should have disappeared. If you have noticed the edging of your turf slabs are yet to blend into one another, this could mean that your lawn is not properly nourished. If this is the case, it might need more water intake.

Freshly turfed lawns should be vibrant and healthy

After it has established, your new lawn should possess a vibrant green colouring. This is especially true if it is a variety with a naturally striking tone like Sir Grange or Sir Walter buffalo grass.

Freshly turfed lawns should be vibrant and healthy

As it is new turf, your grass will need a lot of water to keep the soil moist and should be watered within the first 30 minutes of being laid.

Fresh grass that is getting a healthy amount of regular watering in the first few weeks should stay a desirable colour.

Overwatering can also interfere with your grass health and its colouring, so make sure you are giving it the right amount of water. If your turf is showing a yellow or brown shade, that doesn’t mean the end. You can still bounce back and save it!

The dull brown or yellow colour may be a sign of dryness. The best solution is to increase the amount of water your lawn is receiving.

Please remember that not giving it enough water can also interfere with your grass health and its colouring, so make sure you are giving it enough water.

New grass should look full

When you buy new turf, your lawn should only get fuller as time goes by. With lots of water and time to establish before it is first mowed, your grass should thicken in texture.

The constant watering will also accelerate the growth of your grass. If anything, your lawn may appear slightly wild due to its period of fast growth without regular mowing.

After 10-14 days, if your grass has fully established, this is when you can consider mowing it.

If you find your grass is shrinking and becoming thinner, this may be for a few reasons. Either it is getting too much shade or is lacking in water or fertiliser. To fix this issue, assess the area. If there are any trees or bushes, it is ideal to cut down and reduce as much shade as possible.

New grass should look full

If the grass is getting plenty of sunlight, you might need to monitor and increase the amount of fertiliser and water it is getting.

You may even need to aerate your lawn to encourage its health before giving it water and fertiliser.

For any further enquiries on your turf, we encourage you to call the experts at Sydney Lawn and Turf. Specialising in turf, we have years of experience in the industry and can provide you with quality advice to lead you to a thriving lawn.

To contact our experts or to make an order on new turf, visit our website or give us a call on 1300 209 477.

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