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What can Kikuyu turf do that other grasses can’t?

What can kikuyu do that other grasses cant

As one of Australia’s favourite grasses, Kikuyu has made a name for itself as a go-to choice for generations of Aussie home owners. But what exactly does kikuyu turf bring to the table that other grasses don’t?

Let’s take a look at a hit list of Kikuyu’s defining characteristics.

Easy establishment

Kikuyu grass is incredibly easy to establish. Its seed will germinate in a wide variety of soils, and with minimal care and maintenance. In fact, it’s this quick and easy establishment that has seen kikuyu listed as a noxious weed by the Federal government (its status as a weed doesn’t extend to private cultivation, however).

A quick spreader

Once kikuyu has established itself, it will quickly begin to spread over a given area. It does this through the use of rhizomes and stolons – creepers that extend both above and below ground to spread the grass over an area. If you’re planting kikuyu be sure to carefully barrier off the area in which you want it to grow!

A fast healer

This quick growth means that any damage that kikuyu sustains is quickly mended, making it an ideal grass for sports fields. If your backyard sees its fair share of activity, kikuyu may well be the grass for you.

A thick, spongy mat

Kikuyu is a dense-growing grass as well. This makes it soft to play on for kids and adults alike. It also makes the grass naturally weed resistant, as invaders find it almost impossible to penetrate through kikuyu’s thick mat.

Tough and tolerant

Kikuyu grows well in a variety of weather conditions and a variety of soils, even those that aren’t particularly helpful. It loves full sun, is terrifically drought tolerant, and will handle the salty and sandy soils of the Australian coastline with aplomb.

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