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4 Ways to Save on Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is a few practical tips to save money while maintaining your beautiful lawn.
Here are four ways you can save time and money on lawn care:

Invest in a low-maintenance turf

Sir Walter TurfWhen selecting a type of turf, consider the level of maintenance that it requires. Most people prefer a turf variety that requires little fertilising and mowing. If you’re not familiar with the different varieties, do your research or ask your local turf supplier.

Sir Walter is the most popular low-maintenance turf. Most Australian landscapers and homeowners prefer this variety because of its resilient qualities. Its tight growth habit keeps weeds from thriving so it stays healthy all year long.

Watch how you water

The best time to water your lawn is between 4-8 AM. If you water later in the day, when it’s hot and dry, the turf may not be able to absorb enough water to get all the nutrients it needs. Watering at night makes your turf susceptible to diseases and fungus due to moisture.
If you have a large unshaded area, you should consider Kikuyu turf for its drought resistant characteristics.

Aerate your lawn

You might be surprised at how aerating helps reduce lawn maintenance. Aerating ensures nutrients can reach the soil beneath your turf creating a healthier, stronger lawn that reduces the need for repairs and re-installation work.
Ideally, lawns should be aerated at least twice a year.

Mow high and less frequently

Cutting the turf too short makes it grow faster, meaning you’ll have to mow more frequently.
It is best to cut your grass no shorter than 3 inches. Keeping your lawn tall will help retain the moisture in the soil.

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