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Tips on caring for your TifTuf bermuda turf

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance breed of turf for your lawn or commercial project, it’s difficult to look past TifTuf Bermuda grass. It is easily one of the toughest types of grass available on the market today. Even though this amazing turf is known to be extremely resilient, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need some care every now and then. Here are some tips that you can take into consideration when looking after your TifTuf Bermuda turf

Mowing the lawn

As is with every lawn, one way to keep it healthy and looking neat is to mow it regularly. Even though every strain of Bermuda grass can benefit from being mowed, the one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the height at which the leaf is cut. Bermuda should be cut down to at least three centimetres in length, but this is difficult to do with most lawn mowers. This means that many people are damaging their turf without realising by not cutting enough or by scalping their lawn. As with other types of turf, such as couch, there are special lawn mowers that you can get to cut your Tiftuf grass at the right height and prevent damage to your lawn.

Aerating your lawn

Aeration is an extremely important thing to do for every kind of lawn, as it gives important nutrients easier access to the lawn’s roots. Although TifTif is very resilient, it still does need to be aerated every year. In order to properly aerate your lawn, use aerating sandals or an aerating device. Start to aerate your lawn in one direction, and then continue at a ninety-degree angle from the first direction, so that you get full coverage for your lawn. If you’re looking for something to aerate your lawn, there are many hardware stores and turf suppliers who can help you.

Watering and fertilising

All lawns need water and fertiliser in order to stay healthy, and TifTuf Bermuda is no different. TifTuf turf requires less water than other breeds of turf, natural rainfall will often keep it healthy but don’t be afraid to water it yourself if it hasn’t gotten any rain in a while. Fertilising your Bermuda should be done often with a slow release fertiliser with a high nitrogen percentage around once a month.

These are just some of the things that you can do to keep your Bermuda grass healthy. If you’re looking for high-quality Bermuda turf for your lawn, talk to Sydney Lawn and Turf Supplies, Sydney’s leading turf suppliers. We have a range of high-quality turf and turf care products that are perfect for any commercial or residential project. If you’d like to learn more about our quality TifTuf Bermuda or any of our other turf varieties, give us a call on 1800 458 859 today.

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