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The story behind Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter Buffalo turf is one of Australia’s favourite grass varieties, if not the favourite. Not just an excellent variety when it comes to turf prices, it also has many great characteristics that are almost tailored to the Australian climate, allowing it to thrive year-round.

Originating in Australia, this soft-leaf variety has a rich history that has enabled it to become a highly sought-after turf for Australians all over the country. Let’s take a look at the story behind Sir Walter Buffalo Turf.

Buffalo turf is thought to have originated in one of three parts of the world – the Americas, Africa or the Mediterranean. The first recordings of the turf on Australian soil are from the 1820’s, where Gregory Blaxland, a farmer in Sydney, is believed to have cultivated it.

Buffalo turf has come a long way. In its early stages, it contained fairly sharp leaf blades and it was very rough to the touch. Over time, it has turned into a soft-leaf turf, with the front runner in Australia being the Sir Walter Buffalo variety. Sir Walter Buffalo turf was first introduced in Australia in the 1990’s and since then, it has grown exponentially in popularity.

One of the softest varieties of Buffalo turf ever produced, Sir Walter Buffalo is able to grow in many different weather conditions, so it’s perfect when it comes to the Australian climate. Whether it’s a hot, dry summers day, or a cold, damp winters day, Sir Walter Buffalo will thrive.

It grows extremely well regardless of the soil type too – another reason why the dynamic Australian soil is the perfect base for Sir Walter Buffalo. The reason for this is its remarkably strong underlying root system, a system that allows it to not only maximise its nutrient intake, but to maximise the amount of water it takes in and retains.

It’s quite clear to see why Sir Walter Buffalo is a household favourite all over Australia. With such a rich history, it has no doubt stood the test of time.

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