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Your guide to Sir Grange turf

Your guide to Sir Grange Turf

Sir Grange turf has taken not just the country, but the world by storm. Its low maintenance and high-quality appearance has made this turf the perfect lawn for both commercial and residential properties.

In this blog, we focus on all things Sir Grange. For everything you need to know or to learn more about this hardy but luscious turf, keep reading below.

Introducing Sir Grange

Sir Grange is currently one of the top turf varieties in the market, and for good reason! From its wonderful qualities to how it was created, there are many reasons why this turf is a top contender.

Leading up to the creation of this grass, a development program along with extensive research was conducted by Lawn Solutions Australia and leading turf grass facilities. This resulted in the qualified grass breeders creating Sir Grange.

Originally, Sir Grange was created to be used in the golfing industry, but because of its elite features, it was further introduced into the residential market due to high demand. Now, this turf variety is available and popular for both commercial and residential purposes.

Hand-selected from over 10,000 different varieties of grass; the tough qualities of this grass make it a variety that is hard to beat. Due to this and its thorough testing, this turf variety is the number one selling zoysia grass in the USA.

The features

Sir Grange has many features that makes it one of the leading turf varieties. From its strength to its appearance, this variety is a winner through and through.

Weather tolerantWeather tolerant

Showing durability through extreme weather conditions, this turf variety has a high drought tolerance which is crucial to surviving the harsh Australian summer heat. It’s also known to persist through sub-freezing temperatures, putting up a fight all year round.

Self repairingSelf-repairing

Sir Grange Zoysia can withstand extreme weather conditions and the harsh Australian summer heat, thanks to its high drought tolerance. It can also bear up to sub-freezing temperatures, meaning it can survive year-round. Sir Grange Zoysia turf is also self-repairing and can restore itself when damaged.

Weed and insect resistantWeed and insect resistant

Just to make it even more appealing, this turf is weed and insect resistant which means it can combat pests that might ruin your lawn. This will help keep your lawn soft and luscious all year long without any pesky weeds or insects ruining it.

Low allergenicLow allergenic

As a warm-season grass, this variety is low allergenic. Perfect for families prone to allergies and hay fever, this turf helps minimise any possible triggers by trapping any pollen particles in on your property.

Shade tolerantShade tolerant

Sir Grange lawns have a low shade tolerance, so would prefer full sunlight or semi filtered sunlight. Great for areas under high but low dense trees or scrubs.

Can handle full sunCan handle full sun

Even though it has a high shade tolerance, this turf can also actually survive full sun exposure. This makes it perfect for Australian properties that endure a hot and heavy summer with full-on sunlight. Whether you have plenty of shade or no shade at all, this turf is ideal for either property.


A strong reason Sir Grange turf is heavily used across Australia is due to its appearance.

Compared to other turfs, Sir Grange grass has a stunning manicured style, giving your lawn a clean and neat look. Its thin blades allow it to have a light and soft nature. Aside from its soft texture, this variety also has a gorgeous deep green colour that’s very refreshing.

Sir Grange lawns are commonly mistaken for synthetic lawns because of their vibrant colour and thin leaf blades. This makes this grass variety a good alternative for synthetic lawns if you’re looking for the same qualities in real turf.


Low maintenance

Due to its features and properties, Sir Grange is an extremely low maintenance lawn which attracts most homeowners. Not only will you have to spend less time on your lawn, but you will also have to worry less about its overall health and appearance.

A great factor of Sir Grange grass is that it has little mowing requirements. It also obtains minimal damage when scalped. With 50% less mowing than other kinds, its slow growth means you won’t be mowing your lawn as often. This is especially convenient for those who don’t have the time to regularly mow.

As mentioned above, it is weed and insect resistant. This means it will need less lawn care as it combats weeds itself. It will also need 75% less nitrogen compared to other turf varieties, further proving this will need less attention compared to others.

Low maintenance

Child and pet-friendly

This turf is perfect for those who are looking for grass that is safe and appropriate for their kids or pets. If your family has young children, Sir Grange is the ultimate grass for your lawn.

Not only will your kids be safe if they fall, but  the soft texture of the grass allows it to be gentle on bare feet, too. Its low allergenic feature will also ensure you and your family are safe from any harmful allergies other turfs can harbour. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your kids are outside playing around on a safe and friendly lawn.

Its pest-resistant feature makes it safe for your pets to walk and play on as well. You won’t have to worry about your pets rolling around and coming face to face with nasty creatures hiding below.

And lastly, its high wear tolerance makes this great for both kids and pets. You won’t have to worry if your kids are running around too much or if your pets are being too destructive. It will survive through all those backyard shenanigans and even that next birthday party you are planning to throw at home.

Sir Grange - Child and pet friendly

How does Sir Grange compare

As there are many top varieties offered in the market, it is easy to get stuck deciding whether you should pick the newly arrived Sir Grange. To make your decision easy, we’ve simplified how this grass variety goes toe-to-toe with its competitors. Keep reading to see why this turf is a crowd-favourite especially in Australia.

Leaf Blade
Fine Leaf
25.00 per m2
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Low Tolerance
Drought Tolerance
Heat Tolerance
Weed Resistance
Pest Resistance
Low Fertilisation
Overall Performance
Overall Appearance
Overall Texture

Broad Leaf
15.00 per m2

Broad Leaf
15.00 per m2

Fine Leaf
14.00 per m2

Fine Leaf
25.00 per m2

Fine Leaf
14.00 per m2

Medium Leaf
8.80 per m2

Fine Leaf
15.00 per m2

Medium Leaf
8.80 per m2

Fine Leaf
7.7 per m2

Fine Leaf
7.7 per m2

Sir Grange vs Empire Zoysia

Both coming from the Zoysia family, Sir Grange and Empire Zoysia are close contenders that share similar traits. Keep reading below to see where these two differ.

When it comes to appearance, these varieties both have great colour retention with a beautiful, eye-catching dark green shade. Where Empire Zoysia lawns have soft wide leaves, Sir Grange is made out of delicate fine leaves. This allows Sir Grange to have a far softer texture and a tighter growth habit, making it highly resistant to weeds and pests.

Empire Zoysia vs Sir Grange

Sir Grange requires 50% less mowing compared to its competitors. However, Empire Zoysia has been classified as a ‘no-mow’ grass due to its minimal mowing needs. This turf requires less mowing than Sir Grange grass, recommended to be mown only between 14 to 21 days in the summer and even less in the winter.

When choosing between Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange, you must look into the qualities that would suit your property best. Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange are low maintenance, with both varieties having an extremely high wear tolerance and self-repairing quality. They also have high drought tolerance, making either turf compatible with the drought-prone Australian climate.

At 75% shade tolerance, Sir Grange has the highest rating out of the Zoysia range. Though Empire Zoysia also has a moderate shade rating, it requires a few more hours of sun than Sir Grange does at three hours a day.

Regardless of which turf you choose out of the two, both have minimal fertilising requirements, further emphasising the low maintenance quality that these grasses feature.

Sir Grange vs Sir Walter

An obvious contender for Sir Grange turf is Sir Walter DNA certified grass.

With Sir Walter being a long-time favourite in the turf industry, Sir Grange is quickly coming to take the title.

It’s important to remember that even though Sir Walter is tolerant to the harsh Australian climates, Sir Grange—with its high drought tolerance and resistance to sub-freezing temperatures—is just as adaptable to the unpredictable weather. This means that both are strong contenders when it comes to surviving the Australian weather.

Another strong feature of Sir Grange turf is its neat appearance. Created in the US to be used on golf courses, this turf is made to look visually appealing. In fact, Sir Grange is so attractive that it’s now used beyond golf courses and is in high demand in the landscaping market.

Sir Grange’s fine, thin blades give the grass a soft texture, making it gentle to the touch and great for families who have kids. As opposed to this, Sir Walter has a thicker and rougher texture and looks a lot fuller compared to the light and manicured look of Sir Grange.

Sir Grange vs Eureka Kikuyu

Another Australian classic is the Eureka Kikuyu.

It’s easy to understand that as Sir Grange was made for golf courses, it’s bred to be tough. Just like Sir Grange, Eureka Kikuyu also has a high rating in wear tolerance by Lawn Solutions Australia.

Other than Sir Grange’s and Eureka Kikuyu’s wear tolerance, how do the two match, you ask? Well, aside from that, these turf varieties don’t share any more similar features.

Sir Grange beats Eureka Kikuyu in all other aspects, further proving Sir Grange is a turf that is not to be taken lightly.

Eureka Kikuyu vs Sir Grange

For example, the Kikuyu grass has an extremely low shade tolerance which is one of Sir Grange’s best qualities. Where Kikuyu turf only has 25% shade tolerance, Sir Grange is the most shade tolerant out of the Zoysia range at 75%, needing only three hours of sun exposure each day.

Further evidence is that Kikuyu grows at a faster rate compared to Sir Grange which has a 50% less mowing rate. This means you will be mowing Kikuyu grass more frequently than you would with Sir Grange turf.

Because of Kikuyu’s unfavourable growth rate, you’ll have to continue mowing it regularly during winter. But with Sir Grange, you could get away with mowing your lawn only once a month or maybe not even at all during the colder months.

Sir Grange vs Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch is the best performing Couch grass on the Australian turf market. Like Sir Grange, it is known for its visual appearance and manicured look.

Nullarbor Couch vs Sir Grange

But how else do they compare with each other?

Well, Sir Grange and Nullarbor Couch grass share a very high wear tolerance, so they would be perfect for areas with high traffic. They both have high drought resistance, making them great options for the Australian climate.

However, they both are drastically different when it comes to maintenance.

Frequently having to maintain your grass can be a punishment for anyone – and this is another reason why Sir Grange turf is the best. It needs little to no maintenance, especially compared to the high-maintenance Nullarbor Couch.

Because of its tight growth, Sir Grange is impacted less by pests, allowing it to be weed and insect resistant. This means you’ll spend less time trying to get rid of any weeds or pests that would break through easily on a Nullarbor lawn.

To add to the long list of Sir Grange’s pleasing qualities, it has low fertilisation needs whereas the Nullarbor Couch has a much higher requirement.

How to take care of it

As mentioned earlier, the tough qualities of this turf variety make it one that is very easy to maintain. However, if you want to get the most out of your Sir Grange lawn, there are still a few things you can do to make sure it is lively and vibrant all year long.


To maintain your Sir Grange zoysia lawn, you should give it healthy watering when needed. As it can survive through drought conditions, you won’t need to water it as often as you would other varieties. To keep its dark green colouring healthy, you should water it at least once a week during the warmer season. However, if you are establishing your new turf, it may need daily watering for the first week.


As for mowing, due to the slow growth of the leaf blades, you will hardly need to give your lawn a mow. You can expect to mow your Sir Grange lawn every two or three weeks, making this a minimum hassle requirement. It also can be mowed at multiple heights with a standard cylinder or rotary mower.


When it comes to lawn care and fertilising, you will hardly need to fertilise it. To maintain it, we recommend only fertilising once a year. This should be done in mid-autumn to get it fully prepared for the warmer months.

Backed with a warranty from Lawn Solutions Australia!

This turf variety is backed with the support of Lawn Solutions Australia. With every purchase of Sir Grange from Sydney Lawn & Turf, you will receive a Product Warrant Certificate from Lawn Solutions Australia. This will guarantee you have genuine Sir Grange turf.
Sir Grange - 10 year product warranty
With this, your lawn is covered with a ten-year guarantee. This means you have a promising warranty to ensure you have the best lawn possible through the years and you are 100% satisfied.

Convinced that Sir Grange will be perfect for your next lawn? Give us a call on 1800 458 859 for any questions or skip the line and order your instant turf online with Sydney Lawn and Turf today!

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