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Sir Grange turf review

Sir Grange turf review

As Zoysia is the number one selling grass in the US, it isn’t hard to see why Sir Grange is taking off in Australia. Originally made for golf courses, this turf is easy on the eyes and soft to the touch.

In fact, according to Turf Finder, Sir Grange was last year’s most searched turf variety!


Because it’s fairly new on the market, we’ve decided to investigate why Sir Grange is emerging across the nation.

Keep reading to see our review on Sir Grange turf, where we’ll discuss the qualities that make this grass so popular worldwide.


An important feature of Sir Grange turf is its strength.

Showing durability through extreme weather conditions, Sir Grange has a high drought tolerance which is crucial to surviving the harsh Australian summer heat. It’s also known to persist through sub-freezing temperatures, putting up a fight all year round.

Sir Grange lawns have a 75% shade tolerance as well – needing only four hours of direct sunlight. This makes it one the most shade tolerant varieties out of the Zoysia grass range.

Another handy quality of Sir Grange is that it’s self-repairing, so it will bounce back when damaged. And just to make it even more appealing, it’s weed and insect resistant which means it can combat pests that might ruin your lawn.

Sir Grange appearance

Due to its strength and resilience, Sir Grange proves to be a far stronger competitor compared to other turfs on the market. These qualities allow it to be used for many different applications.

As mentioned above, Sir Grange was created for golf courses. But because of its high quality, this turf is used for residential and recreational purposes, too.


A strong reason Sir Grange turf is heavily used across Australia is due to its appearance.

Compared to other turfs, Sir Grange grass has a stunning manicured style, giving your lawn a clean and neat look. Its thin blades allow it to have a light and soft nature. Aside from its soft texture, this variety also has a gorgeous deep green colour that’s so refreshing.

Manicured Sir Grange

Sir Grange lawns are commonly mistaken for synthetic lawns because of their vibrant colour and thin leaf blades. This makes this grass variety a good alternative for synthetic lawns if you’re looking for the same qualities in real turf.


Mowing the lawn is one of the most hated chores in any household. With most grass having a fast growth rate, you’ll have to mow at least once a week to maintain your grass.

But not with Sir Grange turf!

Sir Grange has a slow growth rate, requiring 50% less mowing than other grass varieties. This means your neighbour with Sir Walter lawn will be mowing more often than you will.

Sir Grange maintenance key traits

(Source: Lawn Solutions Australia)

Sir Grange also needs less watering and fertilising compared to other turfs, saving you more time and effort on lawn maintenance.

With its strong qualities and polished appearance, it’s evident why this turf is a popular choice worldwide.

If you need more information on Sir Grange turf, don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Lawn and Turf. Our turf range, including Sir Grange, is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia and comes with a ten-year warranty. Give us a call today on 1800 458 859.