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Quick & Effective Tips on Fertilising Your Sir Walter

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Sir Walter turf is always at its best when properly tended and fertilised. In fact, this turf variety is nice and green all-year round with constant fertilising.

Fertilisers are nutrients that keep Sir Walter in good health and maintain its lush colour. With the right fertilising and good lawn care practice, this variety will develop good rooting and cure turf diseases.

When to fertilise my Sir Walter lawn?

Generally, fertilising time depends on the type of turf. Sir Walter requires fertilising every six (6) to eight (8) weeks for healthier and vigorous growth.

Heavy fertilising is best done in autumn (March – April) to keep it strong throughout the winter.

If your Sir Walter is newly installed, wait at least 5 weeks to fertilise your new lawn.

What fertiliser to use?

Lawn fertilisers are not like garden fertilisers. There are many lawn fertilisers available for specific purposes. Choose a lawn fertiliser that has about twice as much nitrogen as potassium, but with only 1-2% phosphorous.

We recommend to use high quality fertiliser from trusted manufacturers. Our lawn solutions experts can answer any questions you may have about the best fertiliser for your lawn.

How to apply fertiliser on my Sir Walter?

With a gloved hand or with a hand trolley, spread the fertiliser evenly. Uneven application will create green and yellow spots. Water the fertiliser in immediately to prevent it burning the grass.

Things to avoid when fertilising

  • Avoid using dicamba based herbicides. They can damage or even kill Sir Walter turf.
  • Don’t use granular or liquid feed on dry lawns.
  • Never fill the fertiliser spreader on the lawn. Even the slightest spill can affect your turf.
  • Don’t purchase a cheap spreader.
  • Don’t mow on a dry period. Wait until after a good heavy rain.
  • Don’t forget to wear eye protection when applying fertiliser.

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