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No Green Thumb? No Problem with Sir Walter

No Green Thumb? No Problem with Sir Walter

It can be hard to keep a vibrant garden going between busy lifestyles and difficult to manage yards. An easy solution is to install a low maintenance lawn like Sir Walter Buffalo Turf. Installing a lawn will make your yard look lush and inviting while being super easy to maintain. The reason Sir Walter Buffalo Turf is a great lawn for people that have trouble maintaining gardens is because it is adaptable to drought conditions, is disease and fungus resistant and is also self-repairing making it a very durable grass. Sir Walter is even resistant to salt so living near the coast is not a worry.

Besides lawn being resilient it is also very easy to take care of, requiring much less time watering than a typical garden. Sir Walter turf, depending on the current weather, will normally only need to be watered twice a week. Also if you’re ever unsure if your lawn is getting enough water, a trick you can do with lawns that you can’t with gardens is to simply walk across your lawn then look back at where you’ve stepped. If the grass doesn’t spring back up easily then it isn’t being watered enough.

By adding a lawn to your home, you can do away with a lot of garden stress. Rather than pruning and trimming dozens of different plants you can mow one lawn. You can even pick out turf that grows slower and needs to be mowed less. Sir Walter turf doesn’t need to be mowed as often as other lawns and if you fertilise it roughly every two months it will need to be mowed even less.

If you’re keen for a lush beautiful yard but have had trouble growing or maintaining plants in the past lawn is a sound choice. With lawn you can have the beautiful fresh yard without the stress. If you are looking for a place to research more on or purchase turfs, check out J & B Buffalo Turf Supplies at Besides having guides to lawn care they also provide a range a turfs including Sir Walter Buffalo Turf which comes with a ten-year warranty and certificate of authentication.

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