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Natural vs synthetic turf

Natural vs synthetic turf

When it comes to your lawn, there are many different turf options available in Sydney and across Australia.

From buffalo to zoysia, choosing your lawn variety is already a hard task. But with the recent introduction of synthetic turf, the decision-making has become a whole new game.

With real turf available in a wide range of varieties, you should first narrow down the points of decision between natural and synthetic turf before you dive into the different choices.

To help make it easier, we compare natural against synthetic turf.

The appearance and texture

When it comes to appearance, synthetic turf is sure to always deliver the same shiny green colour it is bought with.

But because of its plastic base, the shine would be different from a freshly watered natural turf.

Synthetic turf

Whereas synthetic turf obtains the same colour, natural grass will keep its great colouring when maintained. It will show a natural colour progression through the transition from colder to warmer seasons.

When maintained properly, natural lawns using varieties such as Sir Grange turf can often have a strong similarity to the appearance of fake turf, but with the natural properties.

Natural turf

Made for sporting fields, synthetic turf is made to have a sleek and soft carpet-like texture, whereas the right variety of grass can have the luscious feel we all know and love.

It is important to note that in the heat, natural grass maintains a cool feel but due to its plastic manufacturing, synthetic turf gets extremely hot and can be scorching to touch and dangerous for children.

The maintenance

Maintaining your grass cannot be avoided whether you have synthetic or natural grass.

However, there are different necessities for each type if you want to achieve the best results all year round.

With your natural lawn, you will need to do the expected occasional watering and frequent mowing to achieve the best for your grass.

Natural turf maintenance

The rare fertilising routine among other turf care practices may also be expected depending on the status and health of your grass.

But in the end, all this is done to obtain a luscious healthy lawn that thrives all throughout the year.

Even though synthetic turf may not have the same care requirements as those of natural turf, it is still not effortless.

Due to its artificial nature, it cannot take care of itself as well as natural turf can. Therefore, it needs assistance and care from the owner.

Caring for artificial turf includes applying weed killer as weeds can still come through. You are also required to occasionally brush the grass to encourage the blades to stay in their upright position.

It can possibly be stained, too. Any spills will need to be immediately washed or removed to avoid staining.

Synthetic turf takes a similar trait to carpet. So, just like carpet, it can also be damaged or ruined by persistent pets.


Artificial grass maintenance

The cost

When it comes down to it, a major difference in the two lawn alternatives is in the pricing.

There can be a large gap in pricing between the various choices of the two types. But overall, synthetic turf is more expensive.

At Sydney Lawn & Turf, our turf varieties are priced for as low as $6 per square metre, with the cheapest synthetic turfs being offered on the market for nearly 10 times the price.

It is also important to note that our most premium variety is around one-fifth of the price of the most expensive synthetic turf, making natural grass a more budget-friendly choice.

Keep in mind that synthetic turf will need to be replaced in the future with a 10-15-year life expectancy. This means that to extend the life of your lawn, you will need to replace it.

With natural turf, it can last forever if maintained properly, meaning you get the most out of your investment!

Is natural turf what your lawn needs? Offering a wide range of lawn varieties, our friendly team at Sydney Lawn & Turf will help you find the perfect natural grass for your property.

Give us a call on 1800 458 859 or buy your turf online today!

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