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Natural or artificial turf?

Natural or artificial turf?

Installing a new lawn at your home is something that will both enhance its natural beauty as well as add value to it. With advancements in technology, a popular debate nowadays is whether you should opt for natural or artificial turf. With many characteristics to consider like turf prices, upkeep levels and appearance, it can be a difficult choice. Here’s some information to help you decide.


Natural turf is the better option when it comes to price. At the initial stage, natural turf is much cheaper to install. In the long-term, natural turf can have greater costs depending on the time you put into making it look lush.

Artificial turf can be quite expensive to put in, especially if it’s a good quality variety, which is recommended if you want a turf that has a natural look. Artificial turf also requires some long-term cost however, as it needs to be cleaned, especially if animals frequent it.


You’d think off the bat that artificial turf would win in this area, but that’s not necessarily true. Artificial turf builds up dirt and dust quite easily, depending on the conditions it is prone to. This means you’ll need to rake it as well as hose it off. If animals spend time on the lawn, you will need to clean up after them also, as the turf has no natural way of filtering waste, and this can be a hassle.

Natural turf needs to be regularly watered, mowed and fertilised, depending on the weather, so have a lush look. When natural turf is at its prime however, it is very hard to beat in terms of aesthetics, so the time you put into making it look good will certainly be worth it.

Effects on the environment

While you will save more water with artificial turf, it still requires some water if you want it to look clean, so it doesn’t have a huge advantage. Some chemicals created in some forms of artificial turf can also be dangerous for the environment, so make sure you look into this before purchasing.

Natural turf, aside from the regular watering required, is quite good for the environment. The way it absorbs rain and pollution, generates oxygen and cools the environment are all great benefits. Artificial turf on the other hand makes the surrounding air quite hot as it reflects heat.


At their prime, both natural and artificial turf are great looking. While they each require different forms of maintenance, you will need to work on your lawn either way if you want it to look lush. All in all, you’re better off with natural turf, as it has far more benefits.

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