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How to Transplant Kikuyu Turf

Kikuyu Turf Tips_ Transplanting

What’s the best way to transplant your Kikuyu turf from one end of your yard to the other? Read on for turf transplanting tips.

Option 1: Transplanting

Clear your area, put down some compost, and rake evenly. Moisturise the new location. Then, locate an extra-healthy-looking patch of your existing turf. Try to select turf growing in similar conditions to the new location (i.e. sunny or shaded). Divide the patch of turf into shovel-sized pieces and separate the roots of each piece by pushing a shovel about 10cm into the ground. After separating the roots, slide the shovel under your first piece, about 6cm deep. The turf should dislodge easily. Keeping the piece intact, transport it to your new location, ideally on the shovel, or in a wheelbarrow. Place the piece on the moistened soil/compost mix and gently push down so the roots contact the soil. Keep moist until the turf is successfully established in the new location.

Option 2: The Easier Turf Solution

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