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How to determine the right lawn for your home

With several varieties of instant turf being offered at Sydney Lawn and Turf, it can be a difficult decision deciding which turf would be the best for your lawn. In order to find which turf you need, you’ll need to think about the climate in your environment, the area you need to cover and your budget. With our turf varieties being backed up by Lawn Solution Australia and a ten-year guarantee, you can’t go wrong!

Keep reading to find out which turf you should invest in to get maximum use out of your grass.

Lawns for small areas

Do you have a small backyard or courtyard? Were you after low maintenance grass that is high quality? Don’t stress, we have the right turf for you! Owning a high shade tolerance and with a low mowing maintenance quality, Sir Grange Turf would be great for your small area. Resistant to weed and insects, this turf has a high tolerance for salt so it would be perfect for an area surrounding a pool! And even better, this grass self-repairs and can survive through freezing to drought conditions, making it reliable for all environments. If you’re looking for a stress-free turf, this is the perfect grass for courtyards or smaller backyards!

Lawns for large areas

Looking to cover a large property? Do you live on acreage? We know how hard covering a large space can be and how costly it can get. For large areas, we recommend Eureka Kikuyu turf. Not only is it a vibrant bright colour that has good colour retention for most of the year, but it comes at a great value. Resilient to children and pets, Eureka Kikuyu will hold its own against wear and tear. This is the perfect turf for those who live on large properties especially ones that are familiar with the unpredictable Australian weather.

Grass for allergies

Purchasing grass can be especially hard if you often suffer from allergies. You’d want to find the best grass that’ll keep you at your best and not trigger any allergies. Known for its luscious and green qualities, Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is one of the most popular turfs in Australia. A classic turf with a tight growth habit that will combat and prevent weeds, Sir Walter has a quick bounce back that repairs itself once damaged. Prone to drought conditions and adaptable to any climate around your property, this grass is hypoallergenic, keeping you and your family happy and healthy.

Grass for families and kids

When looking for the right lawn turf, you would want to keep in mind who is using the grass. If you have a family with kids, you’d want to find grass that has a soft texture for those hard falls but one that can withstand the heavy traffic. Nullarbor Couch Turf would be the perfect fit for your garden if this is your situation. Self-repairing and withstanding all-weather with excellent wear tolerance, Nullarbor Couch Turf is great for the kids to run around and play on in both Summer and Winter.

If you believe one of these varieties would be perfect for your lawn and are ready to buy grass, contact Sydney Lawn and Turf today on 1800 458 859! If you need further help on deciding, why not use our Help me choose function to further narrow down which turf would best suit your property.

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