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How does Sir Grange compare to other turf varieties?

How does Sir Grange compare to other turf varieties?

Wondering what turf variety is the better choice for your lawn? With Sir Grange still being a newly introduced lawn variety in the Australian market, you might not be too sure what the best decision would be.

Below, we discuss why Sir Grange turf is such a hit across the world and compare it to the other turf varieties on the market.

Sir Grange vs Sir Walter

An obvious contender for Sir Grange turf is Sir Walter DNA certified grass.

With Sir Walter being a long-time favourite in the turf industry, Sir Grange is quickly coming to take the title.

Sir Grange vs Sir Walter

It’s important to remember that even though Sir Walter is tolerant to the harsh Australian climates, Sir Grange—with its high drought tolerance and resistance to sub-freezing temperatures—is just as adaptable to the unpredictable weather. This means that both are strong contenders when it comes to surviving the Australian weather.

Another strong feature of Sir Grange turf is its neat appearance. Originally created in the US to be used on golf courses, this turf is made to look visually appealing. In fact, Sir Grange is so attractive that it’s now used beyond golf courses and is in high demand in the landscaping market.

Sir Grange’s fine thin blades give the grass a soft texture, making it gentle to the touch and great for families who have kids. As opposed to this, Sir Walter has a thicker rougher texture and looks a lot fuller compared to the light and manicured look of Sir Grange.

For further comparison between these two favourites, read our Sir Walter vs Sir Grange article.

Sir Grange vs Eureka Kikuyu

Another Australian classic is the Eureka Kikuyu.

It’s easy to understand that as Sir Grange was made for golf courses, it’s bred to be tough. Just like Sir Grange, Eureka Kikuyu also has a high rating in wear tolerance by Lawn Solutions Australia.

Other than Sir Grange’s and Eureka Kikuyu’s wear tolerance, how do the two match you ask? Well, aside from that, these turf varieties don’t share any more similar features.

Sir Grange beats Eureka Kikuyu in all other aspects, further proving Sir Grange is a turf that is not to be taken lightly.

Sir Grange vs Eureka Kikuyu

For example, the Kikuyu grass has an extremely low shade tolerance which is one of Sir Grange’s best qualities. Where Kikuyu turf only has 25% shade tolerance, Sir Grange is the most shade tolerant out of the Zoysia range at 75%, needing only three hours of sun exposure each day.

Further evidence is that Kikuyu grows at a faster rate compared to Sir Grange which has a 50% less mowing rate. This means you will be mowing Kikuyu grass more frequently than you would with Sir Grange turf.

Because of Kikuyu’s unfavourable growth rate, you’ll have to continue mowing it regularly during winter. But with Sir Grange, you could get away with mowing your lawn only once a month or maybe not even at all during the colder months.

Sir Grange vs Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch is the best performing Couch grass on the Australian turf market. Like Sir Grange, it is known for its visual appearance and manicured look.

But how else do they compare with each other?

Well, Sir Grange and Nullarbor Couch grass share a very high wear tolerance, so they would be perfect for areas with high traffic. They both have high drought resistance, making them great options for the Australian climate.

Sir Grange vs Nullarbor Couch

However, they both are drastically different when it comes to maintenance.

Frequently having to maintain your grass can be a punishment for anyone – and this is another reason why Sir Grange turf is the best. It needs little to no maintenance, especially compared to the high-maintenance Nullarbor Couch.

Because of its tight growth, Sir Grange is impacted less by pests, allowing it to be weed and insect resistant. This means you’ll spend less time trying to get rid of any weeds or pests that would break through easily on a Nullarbor lawn.

To add to the long list of Sir Grange’s pleasing qualities, it has low fertilisation needs whereas the Nullarbor Couch has a much higher requirement.

Need more proof as to why Sir Grange is the best pick out of all the turf varieties? Sir Grange comes with a ten-year product warranty and is backed up by Lawn Solutions Australia, providing further support for this amazing grass.

Here at Sydney Lawn and Turf Supplies, we want nothing more than to help you find the right turf for your property.

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