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How do I take care of my grass in the heat?

How do I take care of my grass in the heat?

In a nation where the hotter season can be dry and extreme, summer can have a brutal impact on vegetation. And with the warmer weather approaching, it is completely normal for you to worry about how the heat will affect your lawn.

From spring to summer, we discuss what you can do to help your lawn survive the unpredictable Australian heat. To see what you can do for your lawn, keep reading below to see the lawn care tips that will not just help properties in Sydney, but lawns nationwide.

Water the right way

Just like humans, water is a necessity for healthy functioning grass. But to avoid wasting water and to ensure you make the most out of it, you can’t just wet your turf randomly. Strategic watering is highly important to help your grass survive the harsh summer heat.

Firstly, you’ll need to water your lawn at the right time of the day. The best time to water your grass in the summer, especially with the heat in Australia, is during the early morning when the soil can properly absorb it. By watering it at the start of the day, your grass will be hydrated through the hotter parts of the day.

Secondly, condition your turf into an irregular watering schedule. This means giving it a long deep soak once a week instead of short watering sessions every day.

This way your turf won’t be used to frequent watering and will develop a deep root system that will help it survive in the summer.

Lastly and most importantly, be considerate to any water restrictions that are currently enforced. It is important you follow these rules whether it is a curfew for certain hours or a ban on particular watering products.

And if it is raining, don’t water your lawn. Instead, save money by temporarily turning your water systems off and make the most out of rainwater.

Provide proper maintenance

If you want to help your grass survive in the heat, it is a good idea to give it the proper care and nourishment it needs to flourish even in the hottest of weather. This includes maintaining it the way it needs to be in order to perform its best in the harsh heat.

An important factor in maintenance is mowing. On days when the weather is warm, your grass can tend to grow very quickly, especially in the summer. Therefore, you will find yourself mowing it more often.

However, you will want to ensure you are mowing it properly at the right height. We suggest raising the cutting height to avoid the grass drying out.

Furthermore, if you want your grass to fully flourish in the harsh sun, you will want to ensure it is aerated.

Your lawn needs oxygen as much as it needs water. So, it is recommended to aerate in intervals so the surface deep below is penetrated.

For most residential lawns, a garden fork will be acceptable, but bigger properties may need a machine.

Invest in a survivor

You can put in a lot of effort into your lawn to make it survive. But if you really want to be guaranteed a lawn that will survive the harshest of sunlight, you will want to increase your chances with a solid turf variety that will combat against the hottest of conditions.

A good example of this is Sir Grange. Created from extensive research and development, Sir Grange turf is the perfect grass for the hot Australian weather.

With a high heat and drought tolerance, you will have the peace of mind knowing this variety will survive in the summer.

Sir Walter is also a great choice for those looking for a tough contender. Born and bred in Australia, this turf was made to live a long and hardy life through the most extreme conditions this country has to offer. Adaptable to drought conditions, this is a good option for those looking for a turf that will survive.

Sir Grange turf

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