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Fun things to do on your Sir Walter turf lawn!

So your new Sir Walter Turf has been installed. Now what? We bring you our 3 favourite ways to enjoy your new lawn this summer.

Enjoy Sir Walter Turf

At Sydney Lawn and Turf we pride ourselves on being experts in everything to do with lawns. Whether you need help with how to care for your new lawn, choosing the best turf variety for your home or commercial space, or even how to enjoy your new turf!


  1. The Classic Aussie BBQsir walter bbq

What better way to show off your new lawn than by inviting your loved ones over for a summertime barbecue? Sir Walter turf is an excellent barbecue accessory, thanks to its extreme durability. The more guests the merrier – Sir Walter can handle the heavy foot traffic!


  1. Sports with the familysir walter turf cricket

Get out the cricket bats and sunscreen. You’ll likely be playing for a while. Sir Walter turf has a tight growth habit – making it difficult for weeds and bindii to survive and take over your lawn! Perfect your ‘classic catch’ this summer without the fear that you’ll land in a patch of weeds. For those with a smaller sporting space, we recommend starting a mini-golf course or practicing your barefoot soccer skills.

  1. Relax  sir walter-relax

Just relax and enjoy the sun. You’ve earned it. By choosing the incredibly low-maintenance Sir Walter Turf for your lawn, you’ve just saved some serious time – time that you can spend kicking back, soaking up some sun and doing whatever you like. A star performer under extreme weather conditions, you’ll find your Sir Walter turf is soft and green throughout the summer.

Drop us a line to let us know how you’re enjoying your new Sir Walter this summer! If you want to experience the benefits of Sir Walter turf for your home or commercial space, call us on 1800 458 859.

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