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Empire Zoysia vs Sir Grange Zoysia

Empire Zoysia vs Sir Grange Zoysia

Trying to figure out which of the top Zoysia grasses would be better for your lawn? Sir Grange and Empire Zoysia are both great contenders, so choosing between the two would be a hard decision to make. They’re from the same family after all, and therefore, have closely similar traits.

Keep reading to discover which turf is the better choice.


Appearance is an important factor to consider when purchasing turf for your property.

Originally made for golf courses, the manicured and prestigious appearance of Sir Grange turf has made it popular for residential properties.

Both Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange have great colour retention with a beautiful eye-catching dark green shade.

Where Empire Zoysia lawns have soft wide leaves, Sir Grange is made out of delicate fine leaves. This allows Sir Grange to have a far softer texture and a tighter growth habit, making it highly resistant to weeds and pests.


When choosing between Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange, you must look into the qualities that would suit your property best.

Considering that Sir Grange is backed by Lawn Solutions Australia, there is a reason why this turf variety is the number one selling Zoysia turf in the US.

Sir Grange requires 50% less mowing compared to its competitors. However, Empire Zoysia has been classified as a ‘no mow’ grass due to its minimal mowing needs. This turf requires less mowing than Sir Grange grass, recommended to be mown only between fourteen to twenty-one days in the summer and even less in the winter.

At 75% shade tolerance, Sir Grange has the highest rating out of the Zoysia range. Though Empire Zoysia also has a moderate shade rating, it requires a few more hours of sun than Sir Grange does at three hours a day.

Empire Zoysia and Sir Grange are low maintenance, with both varieties having an extremely high wear tolerance and self-repairing quality. They also have high drought tolerance, making either turf compatible with the drought-prone Australian climate.

Regardless of which turf you choose out of the two, both have minimal fertilising requirements, further emphasising the low maintenance quality that these grasses feature.

Suitability for intended use

The main thing to consider when purchasing either Empire Zoysia or Sir Grange is what situation you are buying them for.

If you’re looking for grass for a smaller property that will commonly have a high level of shade, we recommend Sir Grange. It will hold its own against heavy traffic from kids and pets but will still maintain its neat appearance.


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For larger areas that will get more sun, the Empire Zoysia would benefit more from these conditions and will come at a better value over Sir Grange.

Wanting to learn more about turf varieties? The professionals here at Sydney Lawn and Turf have a broad knowledge on turf varieties including Sir Grange lawns which come with a ten-year warranty when purchased from our store.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 1800 458 859.