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Creating Dog-Friendly Lawns with Sir Walter

Sir Walter Pets

Our adorable dogs love playing, running and rolling out on our yards. As home and pet owners, we should be aware of the factors that bring health and safety precautions to both our dogs and lawns.

A few ways are to think about how to minimise turf damage caused by dog activities, as well as how to make the lawn a safe area to play on.

So how do we protect our pets and lawns? Here are things we can do to keep our canine pals happy and our lawns healthy.

1) Use Sir Walter

  • Why it’s good for Lawns

The non-allergenic and good wear tolerance of Sir Walter is what makes it a great pet turf. This turf variety has a slender and soft leaf that is very resilient and tough.

While dogs can be rough on lawns, Sir Walter has self-repairing abilities and can withstand high traffic. It also doesn’t need constant mowing so there’s more time to play with our pets.

  • Why it’s great for Pets

Sir Walter is also resilient to damages caused by pests and diseases. Very few insects are known to bother this turf variety even with minimal maintenance, so no worries about pests affecting your dogs.

2) Incorporate dog-friendly landscape to your lawn

Creating a pet-friendly lawn is about balancing our own needs and our dog’s. Here are the following landscape tips we can build on to safeguard our pets and lawns:

  • Paths and Fences – Give dogs something to run along by creating his own pathway. Sturdy fences ensure that our dogs are safe.
  • Raised or Fenced Beds- Building raised or fenced beds will prevent your dogs from digging or destroying planting beds.
  • Dog-Specific Areas –There should be designated dog-areas on our lawns including doggy toilet or hardy bushes where dogs can play.

 3) Use plants that are safe for dogs

Some plants are sticky, thorny and sharp which can harm dogs if accidentally eaten or played on. Find plants that are not harmful to dogs.

Avoid using cocoa mulch on plants because it is dangerous to dogs. As much as possible, use non-toxic fertilisers to prevent health issues if the dog accidentally eats the plant or grass. A great example of natural fertilisers would be compost and vinegar.

Remember that we cannot avoid our active and playful dogs to take its toll on our lawns. The secret to achieving a well-maintained and fresh looking lawn is to perform regular maintenance.

For dog-friendly lawns, use Sir Walter turf. For more info, call us 1800 458 859.

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