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Artificial or Natural turf: Which is better?

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There is some debate over whether artificial or natural turf is the best solution for our lawns. While artificial grass has been gaining popularity by looking real, many say that growing natural turf is better.
Here are the pros and cons between artificial and living turf.


  • Real turf is cooler than artificial turf on a hot day.
  • It also helps to filter dust, pollutants, and particulate matter from the air and water.
  • It reduces risk of erosion from wind and water.
  • Lawns reduce noise pollution, particularly in urban areas.
  • No need to hassle yourself with the following: burning gasoline to mow the grass, pouring clean water into the grass and putting fertiliser and pest – control products.
  • There will be no dead spots, worn spots, insect damage or disease problems
  • Artificial turf looks perfectly manicured everyday so you will never be embarrassed by an unkempt lawn.


  • Lawns require frequent mowing, fertilising, watering and weed control. However, some varieties such as Sir Walter have less maintenance requirements.
  • Lawns are sensitive to pet urine, digging and foot traffic.
  • The majority of residential water supplies go towards the maintenance of lawns and gardens
  • You need insecticide to keep away grubs, fleas or other insect pests that may live in your lawn.
  • Playing sports on the lawn may damage the grass.
  • Installing artificial turf costs about twice as much as real turf
  • Artificial turf is made up of nylon or polymer that can heat up in summer. This is the reason why it is not always the best choice for children and pets.
  • Artificial turf isn’t recyclable.
  • Some artificial turf is painted with lead paint or contains chemicals that are unsafe for children.
  • Its life span is limited, so it will need replacing in about a decade.
  • It does not feel exactly like real grass.

Choosing the right lawn depends on your preference and application. As lawn experts, we recommend using real turf as it is the natural and safer option. If you would like to know more about the benefits of real lawns, ask our friendly lawn expert. Visit us at www.sydneylawnandturf.com.au.

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