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5 Key Qualities of Nullarbor Couch turf

sir walter nullarbor

Nullarbor Couch has been known as a tough and dense turf used to cover major sporting surfaces. In fact, the biggest stadiums and courts in Australia use this turf variety to create a hardy ground cover.

Researched, evaluated and tested for the past 20 years, Nullarbor Couch has been proven to be a resilient turf for high traffic areas. It is suitable for domestic lawns, commercial landscapes, streetscapes and sports fields.

Here are the top 5 reasons why property owners choose Nullarbor Couch:

It survives under drought conditions

Like Sir Walter, Nullarbor Couch turf is also one of the best choices for a hot, sunny climate. It requires at least at least 6-7 hours direct sunlight per day to keep its luscious green colour.

It can handle heavy wear

Nullarbor Couch is an ideal turf for sports fields, golf course fairways and tees, parks, home lawns and other general landscaping projects. It can withstand foot traffic or other activities including children’s games, running pets and extreme sports.

It is easy to create a manicured surface

This turf requires to be mowed between 7–14 days at about 15-25 mm height. It is easy to take care of as it doesn’t need frequent mowing and can tolerate most fertilisers.

It is recommended to fertilise this couch turf 2-3 times per year to minimise its tendency to build up thatch.

It grows vigorously

Nullarbor Couch can grow on a wide range of soils and thrives easily in different environment. It is a low-growing grass that quickly recovers when damaged.

When maintained correctly, Nullarbor Couch provides a superior sports turf surface. It is the ideal turf variety to use for the most demanding conditions.

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