TifTuf Bermuda Grass

TifTuf Bermuda is the single variety of grass that was picked out of roughly 30,000 breeds of Bermuda grass after almost 25 years of research at the University of Georgia, one of the world’s leading turf breeding facilities. With a beautiful, fine leaf and a requirement for very little maintenance, it’s easy to see why TifTuf Bermuda is the ideal Bermuda grass.

TifTuf Bermuda grass boasts a beautiful densely growing leaf combined with tolerances to shade and weather and maintains its appearance all year round. Its leaf and hardiness have made it the preferred grass for both residential and commercial projects, such as parks and sporting fields.

With TifTuf Bermuda, you know that you’ll be getting the best of both worlds, with its beautiful lush leaf alongside its hardiness and lack of maintenance requirements. For this high-quality Bermuda grass, give us a call or place an order online today.


  • From 30,000 different turf varieties, TifTuf Bermuda Grass was chosen!
  • TifTuf requires 38% less water than other turf varients.
  • Strong self-repairing qualities.
  • Extremely soft texture
  • Backed by almost 25 years of research by the world’s leading turf breeders
  • Excellent tolerance



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