With the current water restrictions in place, winter is the best time in Sydney to get a new lawn. The cool and wet weather will help the grass settle before it gets hot and dry.

Don’t wait until summer, when there’s limited water resources, to buy new turf! Take advantage of the rainy season to make sure that your lawn gets the right amount of water to settle and fully grow to its full potential.

Sydney Lawn and Turf can supply turf to you and help you maintain a lush green lawn despite the current circumstances.

Why should you install turf now?

  • Water restrictions are harder to follow in summer.
  • You can apply for a 7-week water exemption.
  • Heat is against your lawn. Therefore, it will suffer.
  • You can take advantage of the cool and wet season.
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Water restrictions for lawns and gardens

Even with the new water restrictions, you can still maintain a fresh new lawn while
being mindful of the drought. Here are things you can and can’t do to your lawn:

Allowed watering methods

  • Watering can or bucket
  • Hand-held hose (before 10am or after 4pm)
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Automated weather adjust watering system
  • Rain or soil moisture sensor

Restricted use

  • Standard sprinkler and watering system at all times
  • Unattended hoses and taps


Turf NSW has negotiated an exemption with Sydney Water that allows customers to water their newly laid turf during the first week of purchase. When you purchase with Sydney Lawn and Turf, you can possibly gain another 7-week exemption (8 weeks in total) with the approval of Sydney Water. Here’s how you can apply for it:

New lawn owners can apply for additional 7-week exemption,
granted the application be filed within 7 days of delivery.

You can email requests here.

Details you’ll need for the exemption:

  • - Turf supplier details
  • - Docket number
  • - Delivery date
  • - Address where turf has been laid
  • - Your name, address and contact number

Find the right turf

Sydney Lawn and Turf grows and supplies turf suitable for all Australian conditions.
And they cater for projects of all shapes and sizes Australia-wide.

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