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Kid-friendly turfs

Kid-friendly turfs

Are you looking for a kid-friendly turf? With children frequently playing in both the back and front yard, you will want to get grass that is safe for them.

Whether it’s a lawn the kids can safely play on or grass that is durable enough for high traffic, we can help you find a turf variety that would be suitable for your home.

For kid-friendly turfs that would perfectly suit your home or business property, keep reading below.

Tough and resilient

Looking for grass that can withstand the endless days of summer activities?

With the kids playing backyard cricket and running around with the dog, you’ll need a turf variety that can survive not just the heat but frequent foot traffic as well.

If this is exactly what you need, then Sir Walter might just be the answer for you!

As one of the strongest turf varieties going around in Sydney, Sir Walter can help deliver you a lawn that lasts.

Thanks to its resilient self-repairing abilities and tolerant qualities, this turf will have no issue bouncing back from any rough activities.

It is also frost resistant and drought tolerant, so you know no matter the weather, this grass is here to stay.

Sir Walter

Low allergenic

Is your child prone to allergies and hay fever? Then you will want to get your lawn covered with the best of the best to help fight off pollens.

A warm-season grass, Sir Grange would be the best choice to fight allergies.

Being a low allergenic turf variety, Sir Grange can help protect your kids from any allergen triggers. This variety traps pollen particles before it can get to you, defending your family from these irritants.

Furthermore, it is weed and insect resistant, combating against any tricky pests that might invade your lawn.

Not only will it keep your lawn from being damaged, but it will also help keep your kids safe and sound from any harm.

Sir Grange

Soft and safe

Do you have little kids running around? Or are they rough and like to tackle and roll around?

No matter the circumstances, there will always be times where the kids fall or land on the grass while playing outside. That’s why you’ll want only the best turf for their skin!

Thanks to its dense growth patterns, TifTuf Bermuda grass is made of a beautiful soft leaf texture that is gentle to touch.

This means that it’s not too rough for their skin, and is also be the perfect cushion for the kids to fall on when they are playing around.

Furthermore, it is backed by almost 25 years of research from the University of Georgia, guaranteeing you a safe, high-performing grass variety that is genetically pure.

This makes it the ideal grass for not only residential properties but also playgrounds that will need a fine yet resistant turf that is the real deal.



Want more information on these child-friendly turf varieties? Visit our website or give us a call on 1800 458 859 to speak to the professionals in all things turf.

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