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Contactless delivery

Contactless delivery

At Sydney Lawn & Turf, the health and safety of our customers and staff is paramount. When it comes to supplying our quality turf varieties to our customers across Sydney, we strive to make our service one that is friendly and convenient.

As an innovative solution to health concerns, we are proud to be offering contactless delivery as a safe method for all turf deliveries made by Sydney Lawn & Turf.

What is contactless delivery?

True to the name, contactless delivery is precisely that – delivery with zero physical contact. This means even though you’ll miss out on meeting our friendly turf deliverers up close, you’ll still be able to enjoy a fresh new lawn just like normal.

The only difference is that our team will have zero contact with you upfront on delivery day. This is perfect for those who don’t want to leave their homes at all! Stay inside and keep cosy while we do all the manual unloading for you.

How does it work?

The process is only slightly different. The majority of it is kept the same. You still order your turf as normal, either through the phone or through buying it on our website. And you always receive quality turf at the very end!

Only now, the in-between process is slightly different. Instead of our friendly drivers getting out of the truck to greet you and have a chat about your new lawn, they will instead do the job right away.

Getting straight out of the truck while maintaining their distance, our driver will immediately get the task done, dropping off your turf to its designated spot.

After ensuring the full delivery has been made, the driver will jump straight back inside the vehicle, leaving you to enjoy your brand-new grass. This way, you will have little worry about any potential contact with no hassle at all.

But how will they know where to place the grass? Easy – you tell us beforehand! While ordering and confirming your order, you can give us directions on where and how you would like your turf delivered.

This way, when it comes to the day of delivery, we know exactly what and where things need to go. Convenient and simple! You can stay inside and relax without directing anybody.

What about paperwork?

During these times, we luckily live in a world where technology is advanced! This means all our receipts and paperwork are done electronically. By going online, the paperwork is easily trailed, making the process much smoother.

Furthermore, in handling all paperwork electronically, there are zero risks of transmission between our drivers and you, the customer. Everything is safely done online, and you don’t have to worry about chasing us up for the paperwork or having to get the driver to leave receipts in a safe place!

Are you interested in getting contactless delivery with your turf order? Let us know! Order today and you can get your delivery the next day!

Furthermore, you can still always come and pick turf up from our farm. We are respecting social distancing and maintaining hygiene as per usual!

Order your turf online or give us a call today on 1800 458 859.

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